Thursday, August 27, 2009

Faith Conquers Fear

Faith Conquers Fear

Many people say it is knowledge that conquers fear as fear stems from ignorance. In the movie "Invasion" with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig this is the premise. In the movie it is due to people's ignorance of how to deal with the virus that they perpetrate all sorts of uncivilized and murderous acts. One of the morals of the story, if one were required to take one away from it, was that to combat fear and its subsequent destructive qualities one had to disseminate knowledge.

While knowledge is of course the prerequisite to overcoming fear it must eventually lead to faith. One simply cannot be knowledgeable of absolutely everything in life, in the world and even in our closest relationships. It is through faith alone that we are inoculated against the horror and the uncertainty that we may see and experience in the world.

Knowledge must lead to faith, this is not to say faith in a particular God but faith in the rightful universal order of things. Faith in the law of gravity assures us that the natural order of the world will remain constant. A child has faith in her mother and father, her knowledge is limited; merely that these two people are her mother and father and will keep her from harm. That knowledge is limited, it is the child's faith in her parents that enables her to go out into the world and explore, learn, grow and deal with the challenges that will inevitably beset her.

Belief is not faith. We believe in things we can comprehend and explain. Faith is incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Faith is love.

Cultivate faith.

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